07.30 departure from Paramaribo to Albina. The journey takes about three hours. From Albina we go by canoe to the nearby country of French Guiana, Saint Laurent du Maroni. From 1852 the first 6000 prisoners of France were shipped to French Guiana to serve their sentence in the local jail, including the famous Papillon.

This prison was used until 1946 and is now used as a museum, where tours are given daily from 11:00 to 12:00 hours. During this tour you will learn more about the history and sights. After the tour we walk past some shops and the market where different ethnic groups sell their products. After this short walk we will enjoy a delicious French lunch. After lunch there is time for lovers of architecture to explore the old buildings. Around 15:30 am we get back into the boat to Albina with transit by bus to Paramaribo.

Including: bus / boat transportation, lunch, non alcoholic beverages, pastries, tours, guide, museum entrance.

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