How to travel to Suriname by plane:

From Amsterdam – The Netherlands:

With KLM or SLM you can fly to Paramaribo.

From Miami US:
The best option would be taking Surinam Airlines from Miami, Florida. There’s also Caribbean Airlines if you want an alternative.

6h 0m – Surinam Airways – via Georgetown

6h 30m – Surinam Airways – via Aruba

7h 20m – Caribbean Airlines – via Port of Spain

From the UK:
There are multiple airlines from London, Heathrow Airport that fly to Paramaribo, Suriname. Take KLM or Surinam Airlines with 1 or 2 stops in Amsterdam and/or in France. Below are some sample flights.

11h 15m – KLM- via Amsterdam

11h 25m – British Airways, KLM – via Amsterdam

11h 30m – Cityjet, KLM – via Amsterdam

14h 15m –  FlyBE, KLM – via Amsterdam

14h 25m – KLM, Surinam Airways – via Amsterdam 

From Dubai:
Similarly, you can go to Paramaribo Suriname from Dubai. Below are the suggested airlines.  

17h 15m – Emirates, KLM – via Amsterdam

20h 15m – Turkish, KLM – via Istanbul, Amsterdam

20h 40m – Swiss, KLM – via Zürich, Amsterdam

21h 15m – Lufthansa, KLM – via Frankfurt, Amsterdam

21h 25m – KLM- via Amsterdam

From Singapore: And for those living in the South East Asia, here are some options from Singapore

1d 1h – Garuda Indonesia, KLM – via Amsterdam

1d 2h – KLM – via Amsterdam

1d 2h – Singapore Airlines, KLM – via Amsterdam

1d 3h – Finnair, KLM – via Helsinki, Amsterdam

1d 3h – Lufthansa, KLM – via Frankfurt, Amsterdam

Within South America:
Below are few options if you wish to go to Suriname after exploring other South American countries

From Brazil:

9h 30m – Gol, Surinam Airways – via Belém, Cayenne

10h 50m – Gol – via Belém

12h 35m – LATAM, Surinam Airways – via Belém, Cayenne

From Colombia:

7h 35m – Avianca, Surinam Airways – via Aruba

12h 25m – Turkish, COPA, Caribbean Airlines – via Panama City, Port of Spain

13h 0m – COPA, Caribbean Airlines – via Panama City, Port of Spain

From Argentina:

15h 5m – LATAM, Gol, Surinam Airways – via São Paulo, Belém, Cayenne

18h 10m – Gol- via São Paulo, Belém

From Guyana:

There are three flights per week from Guyana to Paramaribo via Surinam Airways. You can also travel from Guyana to Suriname and even to French Guiana by land. From Guyana, you need to ride a ferry and bus to get to Paramaribo.