If you have never been covered in mud from head toe, it’s an experience!

They claim to have age-defying benefits and healing notions but overall, it just feels ….. Interesting. What better way to get into “vacation mode” than by soaking in a rivitalizing mud bath?

The Tijgerbank is one of Suriname hidden Jewels. It`s the only shoal in Suriname, situated in the Atlantic Ocean.

This sandbank provides a rare opportunity to indulge in a therapeutic natural spa, windy walks, swimming and sunbathing. The therapeutic mud pool of Galibi is the ideal remedy for self – cleansing or naturally beautifying yourself. Here you will have the unique opportunity to cover yourself in warm mud and let the natural properties of the mud cleanse and revitalize your body and mind. When the mud dries, take a dip in the natural water and emerge feeling refreshed, gorgeous and healthy.

Locals believes that the hot salty water have healing properties and is a popular spot for both visitors and locals, providing a great social experience. Once your`re refreshed, we will head back to the village Galibi for a delicious surinamese lunch. Enjoy a wide array of local suriname Carib buffet style.

Menu items include: grilled fish/chicken, fresh salade, rice/potatoes and plantain, as well as various cold drinks.

Immerse yourself in the mud pool and discover authentic Galibi warmth.


  • Bus/boat transportation
  • Tourguide Excursion: mud
  • Bath / Campfire / Village walk
  • Food and beverage & fruits
  • 1x Breakfast, 2x Lunch, 1x Diner
  • Accommodation

Pick up time: 08.30 am
Place: Terrace Tangelo