“Menimi” means “Remember me” in the language of the Saramaccan Maroons, who for centuries in small villages living along the wide, peaceful Suriname River.

And we guarantee you a stay at this friendly, clean and cozy cottage is indeed a memorable experience. Menimi is run by owner and founder Armand Pije Abauna (“Mandje”), his wife and their eight children Kasima. It sits on a grounds of more than ten hectares in the jungle on the waterfront, just over 28 kilometers upstream from the dock Atjoni, just below the Brokopondo lake, where the canoes dock shipping on the river.

You can swim in Menimi in the gently flowing waters of the river, lazing in a hammock, or take a trip with Mandje in the canoe. Together sail to a waterfall and there lie in the fast flowing waters of the river while you hold on to the water plants, for example. Or visiting some neighboring Maroon villages, where you get to know the local culture led by Mandje and maybe buy a nice handmade souvenir. Whether you learn with Mandje as a guide, the secrets of the jungle: the flowers, medicinal plants and animals. Whether you totally do nothing and watch the slow moving Suriname River from your hammock under the palm trees on the shore.

Because everyone speaks Dutch, Menimi is ideal for children. Playfully they make contact with the children of Mandje and peers from the neighboring villages where you will visit. They can play football, swim, and play as much as they want.

The wooden houses are relatively new and built with hardwood Mandje has its own forest. They are clean, dry and well sealed against pests.

The roofs are waterproof, even during the sometimes heavy tropical downpours in the rainy season. In the evenings it cools off so you’s do not need a fan overnight. You’ll sleep like a rose!

On Menimi you delicious all day lying in the shade in a hammock, overlooking the slow flowing river, the jungle around you, and with the sound of birds, howler monkeys and the rippling water of the rapids in your ears. But you can also do.


Swimming: The wide Suriname River forms here at the Djemongo rapids, swimming pool with natural waves. The slow flow takes you along the shore and takes you into the cove which is Menimi. You floats by itself, and can easily again clamber ashore. A natural swimming trip with about 150 meters downstream. Safe for children and adventurous!

Forest walk: Owner Mandje takes you happy on a walk through the tropical forest. From Menimi you walk in untouched nature. Mandje can tell you everything about nature, animals, and plants. The large shaded area is decorated with palm trees, interspersed with fruit trees and flowers. The walk takes about one and a half hours.

Visit traditional villages: Close Menimi are the traditional villages Guyaba, New Aurora (Christian, with beautiful church) and Tjaikonde (traditional), and the medical post Laduani. There is also a small airport where three times a week, small appliances BlueWing countries. Because Basket comes here often and regularly gives some money to the church, you are here as a group allowed for a village walk and you can easily get acquainted with the villagers? and especially the dozens of curious children! Sometimes women offer homemade gourd bowls or biscuits. The walk takes an afternoon.

Caiman tour: In the evening Mandje will take you on caimans tour. With a few of his sons in the canoe, on the lookout for rocks in the water and especially for the caimans, make a boat trip and a half hours up the river, to the places where these animals stay overnight.

Traditional dance evening: In the evening will Basket and his children treat you to a traditional evening of dance, if there are little ones to, sometimes resulting in a cordial maroon version of the famous “head-hands-knees-toe.”

Visit Tapawatra fall: Close Menimi lying in a tributary of the Suriname River, Tapawatra Fall. On the boat trip to these waterfalls go picnic stuff along, and Basket treat you to homemade prawn crackers. In Tapawatra Falling step out on a rock and before you know it you’re in the middle of the flowing cool (not cold) water. Meanwhile, you keep a firm grasp on the green plants while feeling burst on your body the power of the flowing water. A unique experience.

Saramaccan cooking: If you want to learn to cook Saramaccan here also edit a gourd into a cup or bowl, traditional weaving with palm leaves, or … you rent a fishing rod and go try to catch a pireng in the river.