Frederiksdorp (2,3 of 5-days)

Frederiksdorp is a former 18th-century coffee and cocoa plantation. The first owner was a German, Johan Friedrich Knöffel, to whom the plantation owes its name to date. The history of Frederiksdorp begins with colonization of “The Wild Coast”, slavery and plantation, its abolition from 1863 to 1873, the immigration of Asian contract workers, and results […]


You leave from Hotel Torarica to Mariënburg and then transfer to the boat to plantation Resort Frederiksdorp where you will be welcomed by the Frederiksdorp team. The one-day tour includes various activities such as a historical walk on the estate of the plantation. You can view restored monumental buildings such as the old plantation house […]

Sunday Sunset Mi Gudu

Come and get a breath of fresh air on a 3.5-hour boat trip during the sunset on the Mi Gudu River cruiser. The tour boat is equipped with various conveniences such as a kitchen, bar, comfortable seats, a sun deck and toilets. Indulge yourself with delicious fresh local snacks and cold drinks while we sail […]

Commewijne River Cruise

The area: The Commewijne district is located just east of Paramaribo on the other side of the Suriname River. During these trips we visit different villages where in the past sugar, cocoa, coffee and cotton plantations had their glory period. To protect the flowering plantations and the homeland and at the same time as support […]

Kayser kano expedition (19-days)

This trip takes place once a year and is one of the most beautiful trips you can make in Suriname !!! Unfortunately, 2018 is already full. You can sign up for November 4, 2019. The original inhabitants of Suriname are the Indians. For thousands of years they have mastered the art of survival in the […]

Brokopondo kayak tour (9-days)

A beautiful fully catered 9-day canoe trip for young and old over the Brokopondo reservoir! Step into the world of tropical rainforest with the makers of the first documentary for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL. Enjoy nature in its purest form, and take on the challenge of dense rainforests, beautiful rivers and the fascinating Brokopondo reservoir. Because […]

Tour Jungle Adventure (14-days)

This varied tour through Suriname is especially made for the adventurous traveler who loves the combination of sporting adventure, nature and comfort. Through the active part with the Busiwagi 4 × 4 off road tour towards Blanche Marie, the canoe trip to Stondasi through the untouched nature and a trip by speedboat you will experience […]

Tour discover Suriname (8-days)

Tour discover Suriname   This tour is specially made for travelers who love the combination of adventure, nature and comfort. Beautiful places, areas and rivers are visited such as Paramaribo, Groningen, plantations, Mariënberg, Tamaredjo and boat trips on the Saramacca, Suriname and Commewijne river. On the Commewijne river we have a great chance of meeting […]

Jacana Wellness Resort

Jacana Wellness Resort is right in the neighborhood of Zorg and Hoop in Paramaribo, a surprising new tropical resort is hidden. In the luxurious Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort awaits you an unrivaled tropical Suriname holiday experience. From the moment you enter the resort, you feel like you’re in a different world. A green, restful world […]

Galibi (2 or 3-days)

Enjoy the rising sun with coffee or tea on a lounger at the sandy white beach of Galibi. Discover the traditional lifestyle and explore the rich culture of the Carib Indigenous while strolling through the village. Participating with the Samboera is therefore a must, which will leave you unique and pleasant memory of your visit […]