Neotropical Butterfly Park:

At only short distance from the center of Paramaribo, you can, surrounded by gorgeous Surinam butterflies the fullest enjoy an educational but above all pleasant day in a beautiful natural environment. Dozens of colorful tropical butterflies in the butterfly garden iron untroubled down at the curious visitors, fragrant blossoms and tropical fruit in their idyllic butterfly forest. Visit also also our insect museum, the exhibition space, the beautifully painted panorama room and enjoy the miraculous process of the butterfly metamorphosis during the tour of the breeding facilities Neotropical Insects.

Neotropical Butterfly Park is daily open.

Monday – Saturday
8:30 hour
9:00 hour
15:30 hour
14:00 hour
14:00 hour
13:00 hour

*NOTE: Outside the tourist season we are open every day until 14:00. Last entry time is at 13:00.

The butterfly Garden:

Once you step into the tropical butterfly garden, you imagine yourself in a magical enchanted forest. The natural environment where the beautiful Surinamese butterflies come from, there is so much imitated as possible and the result is both soothing and enchanting.

You walk on green lined paths among fragrant plants and flowers along a rippling stream that plunges down into a waterfall of rocks and meanwhile you are surrounded by countless colorful butterflies fluttering merrily around you. In our special mesh-lined tropical garden, you can infinitely enjoy a wealth of scents and colors as only nature can offer. You can be at ease observe the behavior and habits of the different species and undoubtedly will have a new appreciation for this wonderful and diverse insect species. Children as well as adults our butterfly garden is a special experience and it is without doubt the star attraction within the Neotropical Butterfly Park.

Insect museum:

Aside from the multitude of beautiful butterfly species, Suriname is also home to countless other insect species. Insects hold, if not the adoration, at least the curiosity of many.

In our insect museum we gladly present our guests with an interesting assortment of tropical insect species. Did you know that more than one million insect species have already been described worldwide? This is of course merely a fraction of total amount, but it is estimated that approximately 66 % of all insect species are indigenous to the tropical rainforests of the world. That gives a pretty good idea of the immense variety of insects which can be found in Suriname. Some make their homes right in our own backyards, but a large number are found only in our tropical rainforests. Behind the glass of our display cases you will find fascinating specimens ranging from smaller seemingly inconspicuous grasshoppers to large imposing beetles and spiders, which make quite an impression on especially our littlest visitors.

Exhibition Hall:

Located adjacent to the insect museum is our multifunctional exhibition space.

This space can be utilized year-round for various art related activities and exhibitions. Other than the realistic nature paintings and watercolors by artist Wim Eriks which will be displayed here regularly, the exhibition hall is available for rent by other artists or organizations wishing to use the space for their exhibitions.


That Surinamese nature is breathtakingly beautiful and quite diverse, is a fact which most people are well aware of. There are however not many places where you can admire the various beautiful landscapes and their corresponding flora en fauna in one sweeping view.

In Neotropical Butterfly Park they created a space where this becomes possible!! In our circular panoramic space guests can enjoy a sweeping and surprising 360⁰ view of all that Surinamese nature has to offer. The ambiance is furthermore enhanced with the sounds of a natural orchestra which is played back from recordings taken in real nature.
You might find it interesting to know that this fascinating panoramic view has been hand painted and created entirely by Wim Eriks, artist and father of the founders of the Neotropical Butterfly Park. Other artworks, prints and postcards from Wim Eriks are displayed in our exhibition hall and in our souvenir shop Anartia.


When the little ones have had enough of quietly admiring the beautiful displays, but you would like to spend some more time in for example the Panorama or the Insect museum, you can easily and safely leave them behind at the playground.

Our friendly staff will be happy to look after your kids while they horse around in the playground so that you can take your time exploring the attractions that you enjoy.

Caperka – Café:

After all the information and stimulating activities, a tasty snack and a refreshing drink are more than welcome.

In our charming café you can enjoy delicious treats and beverages which will supply you with sufficient energy to continue your adventure through the Neotropical Butterfly Park. At Kaperka we offer pastries, pancakes, and poffertjes, but also delectable Surinamese snacks such as loempia’s, samoza’s, saté’s and much, much more!

Neotropical Insects: tour of the breeding facilities

One of the most imported and certainly most educational attractions of the Neotropical Butterfly Park is the guided tour of the breeding facilities of our sister company Neotropical Insects.

The farm is the source of all the butterflies you encounter in our tropical butterfly garden, but more importantly, it is the location where all the butterfly pupae are bred and prepared for export to several countries abroad. Aside from butterflies, snakes and land turtles are also bred at the facilities of Neotropical Insects and your tour will of course include an introduction to these other tropical animals.

No less than twenty-two different species of Surinamese butterflies are bred from tiny egg and larvae, to caterpillar, pupae, and for our own breeding program also to butterflies, in special screened in enclosures. In the carefully controlled environment at Neotropical Insects, each step of this fascinating process of metamorphosis right up to the moment of export, is closely monitored and guided in the right direction. That is no small task, but a highly professional organization which requires a significant amount of knowhow, expertise and meticulousness of every employee, at each position within this process. Under the accompaniment of a professional guide you will receive a privileged and informative glimpse into the interesting and extensive world of our butterfly, snake and turtle breeding facilities.

Remark: The price is based on own transport and only access to the park.

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