We would like to introduce you to the fauna of Suriname by paying a visit to Paramaribo Zoo, where you will be given an extensive tour. Then we will take you to the Mon Plaisir villa district, where you can admire the luxury villas of the rich and famous. You will be amazed by the villas and especially the variety and size of some of these castles. After the tour, we will introduce you to the varied Surinamese cuisine. We visit a different cuisine every day. We will book a table for you at the restaurant in advance and you can order meals and drinks à la carte. After dinner you will be taken to your hotel; giving you the oppor­tunity to get acquainted with Paramaribo by night during the ride back.

Departure days:       Monday to Saturday
Departure time:        4.00 pm
Duration:                   4 to 5 hours
Price:                         € 45 p.p., including transportation by tuk tuk, tour information, entry zoo, tour around the zoo, reservation of the restaurant and passenger insurance.

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