Fort Nieuw Amsterdam Built in the 18th century to protect the plantations near the lade of the Suriname River from pirates and other invaders. It consists of earthen walls and an inner area, which has become partially open air museum.

Peperpot is a coffee and cacao plantation in the early 19th century by the Smith family was taken into management. On the factory plant are two more former plantation residences, a coffee storehouse built in 1808, and a coffee and cacao plant. The production continued until 1996.

We cycle to Leonberg cross the Suriname River to Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. The fort is strategically located at the point where the Commewijne river flows into the Suriname river and from their they are flowing into the ocean. After visiting the fort and the village of Nieuw Amsterdam, we cycle along the Suriname River, where the names of places and some buildings remind us of former plantations.

The force of the water is the way by which we cycle increasingly undermined. At spring tide the brackish water penetrates into the agricultural areas, which are thus damaged and have become unusable in some places. Here and there you can still see canals and sluices from the plantation period. Now there live mainly Javanese and Hindoos.

During the trip you will pass beautiful Hindu temples and mosques. After a wonderful ride we finally reach plantation Peperpot. This extensive bike ride to historic Fort Nieuw Amsterdam and plantation Peperpot change history, culture and nature each other off.

Include: bike guide, boat, lunch, entrance and drinks.

Amount of days: Day tour
Hours: 7-8 hours cycling
Departure: 08:00
Distance: 35 km
Price: € 60, – (minimum 2 persons)

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