West-Suriname (4-days)

Blanche Marie – Avanavero – Apoera 4 days Day 1: The tour begins with a drive towards Zanderij; if desired we can make a stop for taking photos and consuming sandwiches and drinks. During the tour, the chances are that you will see different animals, such as monkeys, sloths, deer, turtles, lizards and various species […]

Raleighfalls & Voltzmountain (4-days)

Located in the Central Surinam Nature Reserve. The reserve offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The main activity here is climbing Voltzberg. The intensive trip to the top is rewarded with stunning views over the tropical rainforest. Furthermore, there are many waterfalls where one after the strenuous and instructive journey to cool. Night […]

Cordon Savanne Trail (2-days)

The tour is full of adventure and challenge. You’re going to self various obstacles with the 4 × 4 vehicle and arrive at wonderful places where almost nobody comes. You sleep in a hammock and is just as this ‘back to basics’. Young or old, male or female, by the different aspects of the program […]

West-Suriname (6-days)

Blanche Marie – Avanavero – Raleigh Falls / Voltzberg (6 days) This six day tour takes you with four wheel drive car / bus through an unspoiled rainforest. The impressive Blanche Marie waterfalls are more than 300 km southwest of Paramaribo. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Suriname with a huge water displacement. […]

West-Suriname (9-days)

Raleigh Falls / Voltzberg – Blanche Marie – Apoera – Nickerie (9 days) Raleigh Falls is located on the upper Coppenameriver river in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. The Central Suriname Nature Reserve is 1.6 million hectares and is also part of the Unesco World Heritage. The reserve offers a wide variety of flora and […]

Brownsberg & Stone Island (2 or 3-days)

Ston Island is a peninsula, located on the right bank of the reservoir. You have a breathtaking view of the “lake” with distinctive tree tops that protrude above the water. Ston Island is the ultimate place for canoeing, swimming, fishing or relaxing. The possibility also exists to make a trip by canoe on the reservoir. […]

Blanche Marie Trail (4-days)

You are about to experience an impressive Suriname and unimaginable manner. You’re going to self-obstacles with the 4 × 4 vehicle, drive in the moonlight, sleep in a hammock, showering under a waterfall, survives in the jungle, all the facets of an amazing adventure discussed. With all the impressions, experience and experience in the unspoiled […]

Fishing tour: Lake (2 or 3-days)

Blommensteinlake At a two-day trip is overnight at Matu Island and at a three-day trip at Libidawai. Day 1: From your residence address within Paramaribo we drive on the highway along Paranam. If necessary, there can be stopped for a short break. Once on the Afobakka road we pass several resorts and the village Brokopondo. […]

Knini Paati (3 or 4-days)

You have the option to start your trip from Paramaribo with us or using your own transport to the boat departure point Atjoni. Travelling with us from Atjoni, we expect you at 12:00 am at the boat departure point. The distance from Paramaribo to Atjoni, on a asphalt road, is about 185 km and takes […]

Isadou (3 or 4-days)

Isadou – Suriname Isadou is one of the few resorts with authentic and modern lodges and one local marron couple owns. Thus the work of cook to guide entrusted to the enthusiastic locals, who do their utmost to make the sentence the guests. The charm of the traditional customs and manners are still Isadou to […]