This trip takes place once a year and is one of the most beautiful trips you can make in Suriname !!!
Unfortunately, 2018 is already full. You can sign up for November 4, 2019.

The original inhabitants of Suriname are the Indians. For thousands of years they have mastered the art of survival in the jungle. A few centuries ago they transferred this art to Westafricans, who moved into the unknown jungle, after they had been brought from Africa to Surinam by colonists. This created a unique “interplay” of two different cultures, each of which has managed to retain their own identity to date. The Surinamese landscape consists of untouched tropical rainforest with a rich and varied animal life, savannahs and mountain ranges with granite tops. The Surinamese landscape will be just as imposing on the modern traveler as on the Dutch explorers who first entered the impenetrable interior of Suriname only 90 years ago.

With this canoe “expedition” on the Lucie river, nature lovers and adventurers have the opportunity to discover Suriname by canoe in a responsible, safe and very special way. Discover the primeval forest with the animals living in it, the vibrant rivers with wild rapids and the bare mountain peaks with impressive views. Discover the thrill of a sunset in the jungle, the cacophony of sounds, the beauty of exotic plants and animals. Discover the Suriname of the Trio Indians, the original inhabitants of Suriname. Suriname is not a destination for the holidaymaker who wants to camp back on a white palm beach for three weeks. But do you have an adventurous attitude, do you dare to surrender to the rhythm of the country and its impressive jungle, then follow in the footsteps of the last Dutch explorers !

Travel schedule:

Day 1:
Flight Amsterdam – Paramaribo, transfer airport Zanderij – Paramaribo
Hotel Eco Resort, 2 hp / dt / ac bed / breakfast.

Day 2:
Today we spend the entire day preparing for our departure. We buy the last food, chopping knives and fishing gear, and after this exciting day we all go once again extensive food in a good restaurant in Paramaribo before we travel the next day for our trip on the Lucie River in the heart of the Central Nature Reserve Suriname. Hotel Eco resort 2 hp / dt / ac bed / breakfast.

Day 3:
Today we get up early and drive with our complete equipment to the airport in Paramaribo. Here we leave with the entire equipment by plane to the Kayser airstrip and after a beautiful and sensational flight over the Surinamese jungle we land in the middle of the jungle where we make camp and spend the night with in the background the sounds of the jungle and the waterfalls. Spacious 2 person expedition tent. Full board.

Day 4 to 15:
Today we start the descent of the lucie river, The first part is a narrower part so we can make few kilometers during the next few days. We will also have to work a lot with ropes to tow the canoes, overland at the large rapids, or by the water when it is shallow. The journey takes us further along one of the most beautiful places of the Central Nature Reserve Suriname. This reserve is the largest uninhabited reserve in the world of its kind and contains many special plants and animals where the different species of orchids and animals such as the jaguar, tree boa, giant otter and the monkey-eagle are most appealing to the imagination. Spacious 2 person expedition tent. Full board.

Day 16:
The journey is finished and tired but satisfied we enjoy our well deserved rest in this first Indian village on the river. Here all the experiences of this fascinating journey are reviewed before we leave the barely-discovered jungle of Suriname by plane. Hotel Eco Resort 2 pk / dt / ac bed / breakfast.

Day 17:
Swim and relax or a visit to bustling Paramaribo in the evening with all the food in the city. Hotel Eco Resort 2 pk / dt / ac bed / breakfast.

Day 18:
Transfer to airport Zanderij and departure to Amsterdam, night flight.

Day 19:
Arrival Amsterdam Schiphol at approximately 09:00.



We sail outside the great rainy season which means that there is little rain. This trip takes place on the water which means that there is always a wonderful cooling wind. But because of this wind you do not notice how bright the sun is, so you have to protect yourself well and rub it regularly with a protection lotion of at least factor 30.

This is a medium-heavy trip where you need a good basic condition and good health. It is not a race, and it is the intention to actively enjoy this special environment.

Some canoe experience is desired on this trip but we find it much more important that you have a flexible attitude and team spirit. This is a journey through a rugged and totally uninhabited nature area where there is a chance that due to local circumstances you have to deviate from the pre-planned route, etc. It can also happen that we do not set up the tent in spot a but on spot b stay somewhere longer because the weather does not allow to continue sailing, this is also the reason that we plan extra days in this trip. We advise travelers without a canoe experience to rent a canoe a couple of times in order to gain some experience. During this trip you will receive very experienced guidance that you will assist with during your journey.

In principle you will see little dangerous animals since we are mainly on the water and where possible on the rocks overnight. In the forest, the largest predator is the Jaguar, which is quite shy and will not show up so quickly. In the twilight you can have to deal with mosquitoes but these are relatively very few and good protection in the form of long sleeves and the means Deet gives good protection.

Most of the equipment is made available. You will receive an extensive packing list when booking.

In principle, we use an age limit of 18 years for this trip.


Price € 3.995, – pp excluding international flight and including two domestic charter flights.
Extra / departure departure: On request and with sufficient interest (minimum 6 people).
– Prices and departure dates and days subject to changes due to weather conditions.

INCLUDED IS: All transfers + Dutch speaking tour guide + Rental boat + Overnight stays in 2 person tent. + All meals during the trip + All group camping / expedition equipment + satellite phone + canoe / canoe equipment + two hotel nights + two domestic charter flights.

NOT INCLUDED IS: international flight, insurance, lunch and dinner in Paramaribo, expenses of a personal nature.

TRAVEL TIME: 19 days.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: minimum 6, maximum 8.
GUIDANCE: 1 Dutch speaking guide, (+ 1 extra guide for 8 people).
OVERNIGHT: spacious two person expedition tent and hotel Eco Resort Paramaribo.
PACK LIST: You will receive an extensive packing list when booking.