Palumeu Jungle Lodge, close to an Amerindian village bearing the same name, is situated along the upper Tapanahony River, in the midst of the Amazon rainforest. This is an ideal holiday resort for nature lovers. The walk and climb to “Poti Hill”, which offers a breathtaking view over the river and mountaintops of the southern part of Suriname, beneath, will remain in your memory forever. In this part of the tropical rainforest, where howler monkeys and birds announce daybreak, the impressive rapids, flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest and the current lifestyle of the Amerindian tribes, the Trio and Wajana, will surely fascinate you. This tour is recommended for all those who wish to enjoy the pristine Rainforest and to learn more about the culture of the Amerindians.

Included during the tour: transportation by airplane, meals and juice (served during meals) accommodation, tour activities, Dutch and English speaking tour guide.

Duration of the tour: 4 or 5 days.

Departure: Mondays and Fridays.

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