Nickerie – Bigi Pan

If you are a bird lover and you love open landscapes, beautiful rice fields and history? Then the tour to the district of Nickerie, also named the granary of Suriname is perfect for you. Once in Nickerie, you can also enjoy Bigi Pan, a beautiful marshland nature reserve.

Highlights include:

  • Expansive landscapes and beautiful rice fields in Nickerie
  • Nature reserve Bigi Pan; a paradise for bird watchers
  • Wageningen, the old historic center of the rice culture
  • Introduction to Nieuw Nickerie, the second city of Suriname

Includes: transportation, guide, meals, non-alcoholic beverage, snack, fruit


Day 1:

Today you depart from Paramaribo, through the districts Saramacca and Coronie to Nickerie. On the route you will find yourself by the expansive landscape and the beautiful rice fields alternately in Indonesia and the Netherlands. You will make a stop at the historic town of Groningen, where, as the name already predicts, Dutch farmers set 150 years ago ashore. A visit to Wageningen, once the thriving center of the rice culture, will not be missing today. In the afternoon after arriving in Nieuw Nickerie, visit the new sea dyke and you have the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Day 2:

Today is dedicated to the visit to the largest lagoon of Suriname, the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve. Going by boat through creeks, mangroves and swamp areas introduces you to this spawn Eldorado for more than 120 bird species. Around 15:00 begins the return trip to Paramaribo, where arriving about three hours later.

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