A combination of active workout with plantation history. Experience this during Katwijk plantation MTB tour. With our cool mountain bikes we find the exit paths through several plantations in Commewijne. A visit to the coffee plantation in operation in Katwijk for chilling out. Between the afternoon there is time for the swimmingpool.

We leave at 8.00 uur from “Cycling in Suriname” on the mountainbike to “Leonberg.” We’ll get here a boat and depart to plantation Rust en Werk at the Commewijneriver. From Rust en Werk we cycle through about 14 farms (some still inhabited, others abandoned) to the old but still inhabited plantation Kronenburg. In this plantation we cross the river to return to plantation Katwijk.

Leonberg is an old coffee plantation that now unfortunately nothing to see more of them. Currently, it serves as a small harbor where boats crossing the Suriname river or the Commewijneriver go on. Is across the street from Leonberg “Fort Nieuw Amsterdam.” This point is also where the Suriname River and Commewijneriver come together and jointly flow into the Atlantic.

This plantation is now a fish and shrimp farm and there are still thousands of cows graze. Also, here to see the graves of the two daughters of the founder of plantation “Wigbold Crommelin.”

Katwijk is the last still working coffee plantation in Suriname. Here are two kinds of coffee planted and processed, the delicious Arabica coffee and Rebusta. Also citrus is grown there and it is done on a small scale farming. Arriving at this plantation we get a tour and see the coffee and citrus fields. We also see how the coffee is processed further. After the tour we will enjoy a delicious lunch and then take a refreshing dip in the pool! To finish, we drink a cup of course “KW” (Katwijk) coffee. When we have done all that we cycle on dirt roads as much as possible back to New Amsterdam where we turn the river with a boat crossing over, back to Paramaribo.

Important information:

This is a mountain bike tour which is to do for everyone in fairly good condition. The road we take is fairly flat, but some pieces may have some muddy, pulls you so (old) clothes may be that dirty!
Bring sun protection because the sun can be very bright! Towel and swimsuit

The rest of the tour is fully catered with: a good mountain bike, professional guide, Lunch, Snack’s, non-alcoholic drinks, boat rides and tour the plantations.

Distance: 35 km
Amount: from 4 persons

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