Volunteer Isadou


Hi. We are Selientje Adipi and André Kaise. Both we belong to the tribe of the Marroons in the heart of the jungle of Suriname. Our ancestors were slaves who escaped to this place of freedom. As they lived isolated in the tropical Amazon rainforest, some people call our region ‘the best remained part of Africa out of Africa’.

In 1994 we started to construct our dream we realized in 2000: Isadou, our own holiday lodge on an island in the Suriname river, surrounded by several spots to swim and even ‘soela’s’ (rapids) for a natural massage… In Isadou – which means welcome in our language – we offer 18 authentic huts, all furnished with 4 double beds and own private shower and toilet. Most guests we serve all inclusive and we also take them on excursions to Marroon villages, spotting alligators, inside the jungle and more.

Across the river the Marroon village Jaw Jaw is situated. Enthusiastic inhabitants help us, like washing our laundry inside the river, helping with cooking, doing the dishes (again in our river), taking care of the huts and more. It makes our holiday camp a positive experience for everybody.

As there’s a lot to be done, we love to welcome volunteers who like to help us serving our guests, doing some administrative work and stand by with a helping hand. We especially apply for Dutch speaking people, as we speak Dutch, our English isn’t so well and most guests come from the Netherlands. If you don’t speak this language, we still see the challenge to work together!

We offer you full board and an experience once in a lifetime in full nature, the greenest country in the world.

Hope to hear from you,

André and Selientje

For information mail to info@isadou.com or look at www.isadou.com