Raleigh Falls / Voltzberg – Blanche Marie – Apoera – Nickerie (9 days)

Raleigh Falls is located on the upper Coppenameriver river in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. The Central Suriname Nature Reserve is 1.6 million hectares and is also part of the Unesco World Heritage. The reserve offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The main activity here is climbing Voltzberg. The active journey to the top is rewarded with stunning views over the tropical rainforest. Furthermore, there are many waterfalls where you can cool down after strenuous and educational tours.

The impressive Blanche Marie waterfalls is located more than 300 km southwest of Paramaribo. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Suriname with a huge water displacement. The imposing waterfall extends over more than 120 meters and is situated in high forest, the most beautiful type of tropical rainforest. From Blanche Marie we continue to Apoera (indigenous village). Arrived we pick out, after which we take a short walk. There is also a visit to an old railway line. The tour to the Nickerie district, also known as the rice barn of Suriname, is what you are looking for. Once in Nickerie you can also enjoy Bigi Pan, a beautiful marshy nature reserve.


Day 1:
At 7:00 am we leave by bus to Witagron, a Maroon village. Upon arrival to Witagron we will have lunch, after which the boats are loaded for the boat trip to the Raleigh Falls. Upon arrival you will meet the manager and find the layout of the accommodation place. In the afternoon a exploration made all around the island. If required, we take a dip in the river.

Day 2:
After breakfast, we are ready for an active walking to Voltzberg. This tour is very interesting and impressive. One can find many animals against it, such as monkeys, birds, wild boars etc. The highlight on this day, of course, is the climb to the top (240 m) where you can enjoy stunning views over the tropical rainforest. In the afternoon we return to the lodge on the way we make a stop at the Anjoemara fall to cool. After dinner socializing.

Day 3:
After breakfast we depart by boat to Lolopasi from which we create an educational forest walk to the breathtaking Motherfalls. In the afternoon we visit the airport and you can also spot various birds. After dinner, socializing, and on request you can also enjoy a cultural show of song and dance of the local Raleigh Boys.

Day 4:
Around 09.00 we depart by boat to Witagron and from there we move on to Blanche Marie. During the trip it is possible that you will see different animals and birds. After arriving at Blanche Marie area is explored, you can then possibly swim and then eat dinner.

Day 5:
After breakfast we walk to Blanche Marie falls. Along the way you will hear nice and interesting facts about the biodiversity in the area and whilst passing fast rapids of the river. Where possible, you can deliciously under the waterfalls or sit and powerful water hurtling down let wash over you. A unique experience!

Day 6:
After breakfast we leave for Apoera, where we do a sightseeing in Apoera city. In the afternoon you will visit the railway from “somewhere to nowhere”. Then we continue our way to the Indian villages, small Kwamalastoe and Washabo, for a village walk. During the village walk you will get acquainted with the culture of the Trios and Arowaks, two different Indian tribes. You can buy souvenirs there. A social gathering in the evening after dinner.

Day 7:
After breakfast we go by boat to Nieuw Nickerie. Upon arrival at Nieuw Nickerie we first install at the hotel and then we walk through the predominantly Hindustani town with about 8,000 inhabitants. At the beginning of the evening we will enjoy the sunset at the Zeedijk, just outside the city.

Day 8:
Today is dedicated to the visit to the largest lagoon of Suriname, the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve. Sailing by korjaal through the creeks, mangroves and wetlands introduces you to this spawn Eldorado for more than 120 bird species. Overnight on Bigi Pan.

Day 9:
After breakfast depart by boat to Nickerie and from there to Paramaribo.

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